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Master of Science


Occupational Therapy

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Multiple sclerosis -- research


The purposes of this study were to determine the number of PwMS (people with multiple sclerosis) across the lifespan, in the United States, and within a given sample who use occupational therapy (OT) services, to determine the perceived need for OT services among PwMS, and to determine reasons why PwMS might not use OT services including the effect of quality of life. Forty-five PwMS responded to an anonymous, researcher designed survey either online or through the mail. The majority of PwMS who responded to the survey were not using OT services as a part of their treatment for MS for reasons including a lack of knowledge of OT, limited or no health insurance coverage, and lack of referral for OT treatment. Many PwMS who have used OT in the past as a part of their treatment for MS felt that OT was helpful for them. The results of the study suggest there is a marketing dilemma for the profession of occupational therapy. There is a strong need for occupational therapists to market, promote, and advocate for the profession of OT to PwMS and to members of MS treatment teams.



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