Lisa Holt

Year of Publication


Date of Thesis


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Exercise and Sport Sciences

Subject Categories

Sports -- Psychological aspects; Cross country runners; Motivation (Psychology)


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects interpersonal relationships have on an athlete's motivation, self-efficacy and fear of failure. The relationships examined in the study included the coach-athlete, father-athlete, mother-athlete, and partner-athlete. The participants consisted of collegiate female cross-country (XC) athletes (N= 54) ranging in age of 18-23 years at various colleges in the northeast. The main finding of this study includes that the father-athlete relationship had the greatest impact on the athletes' motivation, self-efficacy, and fear of failure resulting in the highest correlations. Overall, each interpersonal relationship is associated with female XC athletes' motivation, self-efficacy and fear of failure, with this knowledge important others may be able to help their athlete reach their full potential by providing them with the basic fundamental needs, encourage positive self-perceptions and self-efficacy, enjoyment and foster self-determination.



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