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Master of Science in Communications


Communications (School)

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Communication in marketing; Communication and culture; Internet marketing


The American shopping experience has recently shifted from brick and mortar stores, those that exist in physical form, to E-commerce, a relatively new mode of buying goods, and thus there is a potential difference in how clothing retailers communicate and sell products to consumers in stores and now communicate and sell products to consumers via the Web. By way of the case study method, this thesis spotlighted three distinct boutiques and their separate journeys toward communicating and selling products to consumers via brick and mortar stores and the Internet. Major findings include supplementation of traditionally brick and mortar strategies morphed toward the E-commerce platform; increasing and diversified workload for all boutique owners due to technological advances; store strategies reflecting the values, perspectives, and identity of the particular boutique owner who owns the shop; and physical place as unimportant to online boutique retailers in favor of building online community.



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