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Exercise and Sport Sciences


Objective: The purpose of this study is to examine the criteria established to determine whether a true maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) has been measured. Specifically, this study aims to determine whether a verification phase following a VO2max test is necessary to confirm that a true VO2max has been measured in a non-athlete collegiate population. Background: Accurate measurement of VO2max is critical when used as a descriptive variable in exercise physiology research. Therefore, a number of criteria have been established for identification of true max measurement. However, a subject's ability to elicit these criteria consistently has been questioned (Foster et al., 2007; Midgley et al., 2006; Poole et al., 2008). As a result, affirmation of a true VO2max has been done using a verification phase following a maximal incremental ramp test. Methods: This study followed a repeated measures design. Subjects performed two maximal incremental ramp tests separated by at least 48 hours. After performing the second ramp test subjects performed a 10-minute active recovery followed by a supramaximal verification test. Heart rate (HR) and expired gases were monitored continuously via a metabolic cart during all tests. RPE was taken during the final 30 seconds of each stage. Post exercise blood lactate (BL) was taken five minutes after termination of both ramp tests and the verification test. Data Analysis: Descriptive statistics were run for all variables. A oneway repeated measures ANOVA assessed differences between VO2peak, RERmax, HRmax, BLmax, and RPEmax recorded during the ramp tests and verification test. Alpha level was set at 0.05. Results: No significant differences existed across tests for VO2peak, HRmax, BL, and RPEmax. RERmax during the verification test was significantly different than RERmax during both ramp tests (p < 0.01). Conclusion: Currently established VO2max criteria need to be redefined. A verification phase following a maximal ramp test in a non athlete collegiate population is not necessary to confirm true VO2max.



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