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Master of Science


Occupational Therapy


The purpose of the survey research was to explore relationships between spirituality and vocation in service workers. The Psychospiritual Integration Frame of Reference (PSI) was operationalized to create the survey and contained a Likert-style, five-point scale to examine participant's perception of spirituality in work. Service workers were recruited from two colleges' office of facilities, two hospitals, one resort and spa maintenance department, and three cleaning companies to gain a cross sectional sample. Data were aggregated and analyzed using descriptive and correlational statistics. Spirituality experienced at work was explored in relation to demographic data, roles with which people identified, occupations that reflected becoming a worker, and types of occupations in which people engage at work. The results of the study suggested that PSI can be operationalized reliably and validly in a research tool. There were significant relationships between spirituality experienced at work and roles with which participants identified, occupations related to becoming a worker, and occupations performed at work. There were no significant differences in spirituality with regard to gender, age groups, years of experience, perception of spirituality, importance of religion, experience of illness or injury, or the use of rehabilitative services. The results are informative for occupational therapists working in programs related to and focused on clients' return to work.



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