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Master of Science


Exercise and Sport Sciences


This study investigated how varying interrepetition rest and eccentric velocity affected power output and the number of repetitions performed during a set of bench press. Subjects were 24 resistance trained males recruited from Ithaca College. Subjects completed I repetition maximum (1 RM) testing and on six subsequent days completed a set of bench press at 80% 1 RM until failure. Each set of bench press was at a different tempo involving varying eccentric phases (1 or 4 s), bottom rest (0 or 3 s), and interrepetition rest (0 or 4 s) intervals. A reflective marker on the bar tracked positional data to measure repetitions, peak power output, average peak power, maximum mean power, and average mean power. Each dependent variable was analyzed using a repeated measures ANOVA. The significance level for all analyses was set at p ≤ 0.05. The results showed tempos with short eccentric phases and no bottom rest produced significantly greater r€petitions and concentric power than all other tempos. Interrepetition rest did not significantly affect any variable. The combination of greater repetitions and higher power implies greater volume of work was completed with tempos containing short eccentric phases and no bottom rest intervals. Using such a repetition tempo during chronic resistance training may lead to greater strength and power gains. Future studies should investigate the effect of repetition tempo and interrepetition rest during chronic resistance training, training with multiple sets of exercise, or lifting with a lower intensity. In addition, athletes should use tempos with short eccentric phases and no bottom rest to maximize performance during acute testing.



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