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Master of Science


Communications (School)

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First year teachers -- New York (State) -- Attitudes; School management and organization -- New York (State); High school teachers -- New York (State) -- Attitudes; Corporate culture


New teachers are vital for maintaining the U.S. education system as teacher retirements increase; yet, they are becoming difficult to retain. In fact, a high percentage of new teachers leave their positions after only a few years. Everyone loses - school districts, students, and communities - when valuable new teachers do not stay in the teaching profession for more than a short time. In this case study, the socialization experiences of two new teachers at a public high school were explored in order to illustrate how they learned about their school's norms (as informed by and reflected in values), and how the norms they perceived might have influenced their inclinations to stay with or to leave their positions. The study results offer rich descriptions that readers may be able to relate to their own situations and experiences. It also contributes to previous research suggesting that one's perception of 'fit' with organizational norms can influence one's decision to stay with or leave the organization.

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