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Master of Science


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Instructional materials personnel -- Attitudes -- New York (State); Industrial television -- Employees -- Attitudes -- New York (State); Media programs (Education) -- Employees -- Attitudes -- New York (State)


A general premise about the health of corporate internal video departments was developed by the researcher. The belief was that internal video departments were not satisfying the needs of their corporate clients. The evidence came from conversations with corporate clients that were unhappy with the level of service available to them in-house. Reasons given during these conversations for this dissatisfaction with in-house facilities were the absence of proper production equipment and expertise. This study was designed to explore the dynamics involved in the production of in-house corporate videotapes. Questions concerning the production needs of internal clients and the capabilities of the corporate video department were investigated by use of the observation and interview approach found in case study research. Nine corporate/ educational video department managers were interviewed to determine their impressions and departmental capabilities for serving the internal client. The results indicated that there was a mix of services blending outside vendors with the internal video departments. In spite of corporate politics, internal video facilities appeared to be healthy and busy. The department managers stated that they do meet the clients needs, often by hiring outside services to supplement a missing technology or expertise. It was interesting that video department managers differentiated between "home-office" corporate video departments and divisional video departments. This author recommends that further research is needed to determine if this distinction is significant, and if so, how it influences the internal client during the production of corporate video communications.

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