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The purpose of this study was to ascertain the major problems in videodisc production and to answer questions about the difficulties related to these problems. A survey was mailed to a randomly selected sample of 490 people throughout the United States and Canada, who had attended either a symposium or workshop on videodisc technology at the University of Nebraska E-TV Center. A total of 213 people or 43.4% responded to the survey. Responses were calculated in simple numerical tabulations and by a simple content analysis procedure. Major results indicated that (1)the major difficulties in videodisc production were in the areas of computer programming, single frame edits, shooting and mastering; (2) the majority of videodiscs that were produced were interactive laser videodiscs for education and training; (3) 98% of the videodiscs that had been produced were "successful" and (4) major reasons why respondents who had not produced videodiscs included cost and lengthy time involved in videodisc production.

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