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Museums; Audio-visual materials


The use of non-print media has increased tremendously over the past decade in most educational institutions but there was a question as to how much influence media has had in American Museums. The purpose of this study was to identify the utilization practices of media in museums as an indicator of a more efficient employment of certain media for a particular use and type of museum. Procedures: The basic research steps were: (1) the identifica­tion and selection of museums which fulfilled the criteria of location, east of the Mississippi River, volumes in the library --- 10,000 volumes ---­ and membership in the American Association of Museums, (2) the prepara­tion of the survey instrument, (3) the computation and analysis of the data collected, (4) the presentation of conclusions and recommendations. Conclusions: On the basis of the 78% reply to the survey, the most frequently used media were photographs followed by slide projectors and tapes. The least used media were opaque and overhead projectors. The number of citings of multi-image, multi-media, and programmed instruction seemed to indicate a growing awareness and creative employ­ment of media. Over three-fourths of the museums were designing their own exhibits and over 60% were constructing them in-house. Recommendations: 1. A similar study be conducted for museums west of the Mississippi River. 2. A survey be conducted to determine the extent of media background of museum personnel employed and respon­ sible for media design and production. 3. Research should be conducted to design a preparation curriculum for museum personnel who will be media specialists. 4. An in-depth analysis be conducted determining if the present media employment practices are resulting in the desired effect in regard to exhibit impact.

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