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Master of Science


Communications (School)

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Interactive video in education; Instructional materials personnel -- Attitudes -- New York (State)


The purpose of this study was to answer questions of fact and description relating to media center directors'/administrators' familiarity with, attitudes toward, and thoughts about the application of interactive video in higher education within New York State. Additionally, it was designed to elicit information about other characteristics of the respondents and characteristics of the institutions represented by the respondents. A survey research design was utilized to establish the incidence and distribution of respondent and institutional characteristics. Respondents were from the population of media center directors/administrators in New York State institutions of higher education listed in Peterson's Guide to Undergraduate Study 1981. A simple random sample of 100 was drawn from a total population of 203 and surveys were mailed to those institu­ tions selected. Forty-seven responses were received, equivalent to approximately one-quarter of the total popu­ lation under study. The results indicated the following:

  1. The attitudes of media professionals in New York State are generally very positive toward the utilization of interactive video in higher education.
  2. Preparation (training) for the utilization of interactive video has begun in approximately 40% of the media departments represented, with over 25% already using interactive video for instructional purposes.
  3. Financing and software development are major barriers to be overcome in the establishment of interactive video instructional systems in media centers.



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