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Communication -- Study and teaching -- Audio-visual aids; Audio-visual education


The purpose of this study was to determine student attitudes toward a slide-tape/lecture course offered through the School of Communications at Ithaca College. The study was conducted over a three year, five group span with a total population of n = 738. The population was made up of students enrolled in the "Theories of Communication Media" course at Ithaca College, a course taught on a non-traditional slide-tape/lecture format. The specific areas of questioning were:

  1. Do the students like the slide-tape format?
  2. Are the course objectives clearly stated?
  3. What would be an adequate means of teaching this course: the group lecture with slide-tape presentations; the slide-tape presentations with supplemental meetings with the professor; or the slide-tape presentations alone?
  4. For the "Theories of Communication Media" course, do the students prefer the slide-tape/lecture format?
  5. Do the students feel motivated by the slide-tape/lecture format?
  6. Do the students feel more motivated by this format as compared to a traditional lecture format?
The survey was administered on the night of the last test given during the semester. This was done so as to reach the largest population. Once the data were collected, all information was transferred to computer cards for the purpose of obtaining frequency scores. A sixth set of data was generated at this time, which was a cumulative figure of the five groups. As a result of this investigation, the following major recommendations were made:
  1. The current slide-tape/lecture format is well received by the students. The course should continue to be taught on this format.
  2. The majority of students indicated that they liked the format of the "theories of Communication Media” course. It is recommended that other courses of a suitable subject content be considered for transfer to this format.
  3. It is recommended that a similar study be conducted in one to two years to see if current data correlates with future findings.
  4. Any future study is recommended to include the following information: sex; age; class; major; and approximate grade point average.

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