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Master of Science


Occupational Therapy

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Occupational therapy


This qualitative study explored how Occupational Therapy (OT) practitioners are able to address community participation (CP) within their clinical practice, as well as the challenges and supports they encountered. The three participants engaged in two semistructured interviews each. The interviews were analyzed using content analysis and a constant comparison strategy to identify themes across all the interviews. The interviews yielded four themes that were consistent across all of the participants. The themes were: OT’s role in CP, professional context, professional resources, and the “How To” of CP. The overall findings concluded that OT practitioners have an important role in addressing CP. However, there are modifications and adjustments that can be made to the OT profession in order to increase the ease and effectiveness in addressing CP. Further research and knowledge translation efforts are needed to better enable OT practitioners to support community participation for their clients.



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