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Occupational Therapy

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Occupational therapy


Occupational therapy (OT) is a form of rehabilitation that focuses on participation in everyday life tasks. Hospice care is an approach to care that focuses on promoting quality of life at the end of life. There are currently very few occupational therapists (OTs) that practice in this field. This study explores the experience of OTs who work in hospice care. Methods: Four participants were interviewed two times each using a narrative based, semi structured interview technique. Data was analyzed using narrative methodology and thematic analysis. Seven major themes emerged from the data: Hospice OT Mindset, Collaboration, Little Bit of Rehab, Little Things Big Impact, Participation is Pain Management, Role Release, and Partnership. Discussion: These themes point to the distinct value that OTs can bring to practice in hospice care. The findings of this study along with the review of the current literature demonstrate that it is in occupational therapists’ scope of practice to work in this non-rehabilitative field. OTs that work in hospice can give patients the ability to participate in meaningful occupation as they move through end of life care.



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