Submissions from 2008

Marketing Food to Kids: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Ads on Children's TV in China and the U.S., James A. Rada, Barbara Mueller, Hong Cheng, and K. Tim Wulfemeyer

Submissions from 2005


Color Coded: Racial Descriptors in Television Coverage of Intercollegiate Sports, James A. Rada

Submissions from 2004

Mass media and the Challenge of Xenophobia in Promoting the Ideals of the New Partnership for Africa's Development, Matt Mogekwu


Calling Class: Sports Announcers and the Culture of Poverty, James A. Rada and K. Tim Wulfemeyer

Submissions from 2002


Constructing Race in Black and Whiteness: Media Coverage of Public Support for President Clinton, James A. Rada and Dwight E E. Brooks

Submissions from 2001

Politics of Press Freedom and the National Economy in Swaziland, Matt Mogekwu

Submissions from 2000


A New Piece to the Puzzle: Examining Effects of Television Portrayals of African Americans, James A. Rada

Submissions from 1998


Overcoming Violence in Language in Africa, Matt Mogekwu

Submissions from 1996


Color Blind‐sided: Racial Bias in Network Television's Coverage of Professional Football Games, James A. Rada

Skirting the Issue: News Values and Coverage of Affirmative Action, James A. Rada