The impact of corporate social responsibility on employee attitudes and behaviors

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Despite the strong extant research on corporate social responsibility (CSR), most studies focus on the relationship of CSR to firm performance, the impact of CSR on customers, or the factors that influence CSR, while few address the impact of CSR on employees. Given the importance of employees as stakeholders as well the effects CSR policies may have on them, further theoretical and empirical attention into the relationship between CSR initiatives and employee attitudes and behavior are warranted. My paper addresses this gap in knowledge by illustrating how the activities of the organization designed to address social issues in the wider environmental and social context affect a significant group of stakeholders-employees. I will discuss the relationship between CSR policies and employees' attitudes and behavior, specifically perceived organizational support, organizational identification, and withdrawal cognitions, while considering the role of moderating factors. In addition, I incorporate the impact of employees' perceptions of firm CSR activities as well as a new construct, personal social action, which captures the extent to which employees pursue social action at work. The theoretical model I present will also provide an avenue for additional research on CSR and internal stakeholders. In addition, the results will have significant managerial implications, illustrating to firms how they can leverage their CSR initiatives to appeal to their employees.

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Academy of Management 2009 Annual Meeting: Green Management Matters, AOM 2009



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