Status report of the SIGCSE committee on teaching computer science research methods

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SIGCSE-CSRM's mission is to support collaborative exploration of content, pedagogy, and curricular issues related to teaching research methods in computing (CRM). The committee runs a listserv and a wiki, including a repository of CRM course materials. At ITiCSE 2006, a SIGCSE-CSRM working group developed a sense-making framework for teaching computing research methods, a list of core skills for research in computing, and a list of specific CRM skills. Having accomplished its initial goals, SIGCSE-CSRM has begun discussion of our next steps. Three areas of interest have been identified: (1) disseminating the framework and getting feedback from people adopting the framework; (2) annotating, organizing and expanding the results from our literature search into an online annotated bibliography; and (3) exploring the relationship between CRM as a whole and CRM in specific communities of practice such as SIGGRAPH. During the session, committee members will present the history of SIGCSE-CSRM as a design process, provide an overview of the sense-making framework developed by the WG, and then lead a group discussion concerning each of the proposed next steps, as well as any suggestions from the floor.

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SIGCSE 2007: 38th SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education

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