Eportfolio: Expanding the educational vision (our educational Saga)

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Ithaca College, guided by our vision of student excellence and our professional certification programs, set out to use existing and supported technology to help students create and publish ePortfolios. An ePortfolio is an online multimedia-capable portfolio that showcases a student's collection of academic learning, achievements, knowledge, and skills. Depending on the viewing audience, ePortfolios can also be used by external evaluation agencies for institutional accreditation, by the Development Office for marketing, by Admissions for recruiting, by the Provost's Office for teacher evaluation, or by students applying for postgraduate opportunities. Information Technology Services (ITS) provided the ePortfolio service to the community with the belief that "if we build it, they will come." Through trial and error, we developed a student-friendly easy-to-use tool. We will discuss our vision, research, initial pilot program, re-focus, additional research, second pilot program, and the subsequent creation of the Ithaca College ePortfolio Builder. Copyright 2006 ACM.

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Proceedings of the 34th Annual ACM SIGUCCS Fall 2006 Conference, SIGUCCS '06

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