Regional development authorities as a basis for nowledge management

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The paper establishes the conceptual basis for ongoing research into knowledge management (KM) in governmental and non-governmental organizations responsible for regional economic development. This research opens a new direction for KM, looking not only at non-profit agencies but also those that must compete and whose success or failure is easily assessed. In pursuing this work, an understanding of the discipline referred to as Regional Innovation Systems (RIS) is necessary. While both KM and RIS are interested in operating effectively in the knowledge-based economy, there are some key differences in approach that are discussed throughout the paper. The consequences of these differences are then explored, particularly in light of how cross-fertilization between the disciplines can enhance our understanding of how regional economic development activities are conducted. Finally, some key questions based on this discussion and guiding the research into regional development authorities are posed.

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Proceedings of the European Conference on Knowledge Management, ECKM

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