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The capabilities of the wireless world extend well beyond chatting with friends and surfing the Web; they present significant growth opportunities for the workplace learning and performance industry. The following five mobile applications hold particular promise for performance improvement: • mobile needs analysis tools • real-time, unplugged executive information systems • portable training and performance support opportunities • customer-enabling technologies • location-tracking devices. All of those high-speed applications enhance business productivity by unburdening employees and helping them to work smarter, not harder. Managers, who often feel trapped behind their desktops deluged with online communications, benefit from the use of mobile devices. They can use them to deliver the same email, revenue and productivity statistics, inventory status reports, and forecasting data that employees receive via their desk-tops - thus, increasing their effectiveness as supervisors. Handheld PCs now enable casino service reps to capture examples of good customer service instantly and empower organizations to display training in short, interactive tutorial sequences. To "go mobile" yourself, invest in a handheld PC and explore how it can improve your WLP work.

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