The learner-centered music classroom: Models and possibilities

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© 2020 Taylor and Francis. The Learner-Centered Music Classroom: Models and Possibilities is a resource for practicing music teachers, providing them with practical ideas and lesson plans for implementing learner-centered pedagogical concepts into their music classrooms. The purpose of this book is to propose a variety of learner-centered models for music teaching and learning through the use of a variety of autoethnographic viewpoints. Nine contributors provide working and concrete examples of learner-centered models from their classrooms. Offering lesson plan ideas in each of these areas, the contributors provide practical approaches for implementation of learner-centered approaches in music instruction across a variety of landscapes. Learner-centered teaching provides an approach to music education that encourages social, interactive, culturally responsive, creative, peer-based, open-formed, facilitated and democratic learning. Chapter 1 defines the what, why, and perceived benefits of learner-centered approaches in music teaching and learning contexts Chapters 2-10 will include example lesson plans, rubrics, etc. as models for teachers. The contributors to this book suggest that learner-centered approaches, when embedded into the culture and curricular framework of a music classroom, offer exciting approaches for teaching music in ways that are culturally and educationally appropriate in contemporary education.

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The Learner-Centered Music Classroom: Models and Possibilities

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