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This paper describes a tutorial financial accounting instructional case study entitled FACT. The case is designed for use in the introductory financial accounting course or as a review resource in the intermediate accounting course. It is a comprehensive practice set that demonstrates the integrative nature of the accounting cycle in the microcomputer environment. The case focuses on the conceptual analysis of the accounting transactions from the inception of a company to preparation of the classified financial statements. The main features of this computerized case distinguish it from the other manual and computerized accounting practice sets. These features include: user-friendliness, advanced graphical user interface, automatic grading system, statistical analytical report of students' performance, automatic errors detection routine, and on-line textbook and tutorial assistance. The software has proved its versatility in reinforcing students' comprehension of the accounting cycle through its experimental use by over 36 universities in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and England. The flexibility of the software program provides the instructor with a number of options for use as a classroom instructional tool, test materials, short assignments, or a comprehensive course review. The average completion time for the case is four hours. No additional materials or previous knowledge of microcomputer applications are needed to complete the case study. (A free copy of the software can be obtained directly from the author.). © 1995.

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Journal of Accounting Education

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