Changes in VO2 max resulting from bicycle training at different intensities holding total mechanical work constant

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Effects of different training intensities on VO were determined. Sixteen male Ss (ages 16-18) were randomly assigned to 1 of 3 training groups or a control group. The training groups trained 3 days/wk on bicycle ergometers at different intensities (85%, 75%, or 65% of HR max) with all groups doing the same total mechanical work (12, 000 kpm per training session). Measurement of VO at each of the 3 workloads in 2 anthropometrically similar individuals revealed a similar O cost needed to accomplish 12, 000 kpm of mechanical work. Analysis of covariance revealed a significant difference (p `.01) in VO2 max between the groups. Significant differences (p `.01) were found between both the 85% and 75% groups and the control. No significant differences were found between the 65% group and the control or between the 75% and the 85% group. Within the limitations of the study, it was concluded that when comparing between training intensities while holding mechanical work constant it is necessary to work at a minimum of 75% of HR max to elicit significant changes in VO max. © 1975 Taylor 8 Francis Group, LLC. 2 max 2 2 2

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Research Quarterly of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education and Recreation

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