Intelligent data mining in law enforcement analytics: New neural networks applied to real problems

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This book provides a thorough summary of the means currently available to the investigators of Artificial Intelligence for making criminal behavior (both individual and collective) foreseeable, and for assisting their investigative capacities. The volume provides chapters on the introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning suitable for an upper level undergraduate with exposure to mathematics and some programming skill or a graduate course. It also brings the latest research in Artificial Intelligence to life with its chapters on fascinating applications in the area of law enforcement, though much is also being accomplished in the fields of medicine and bioengineering. Individuals with a background in Artificial Intelligence will find the opening chapters to be an excellent refresher but the greatest excitement will likely be the law enforcement examples, for little has been done in that area. The editors have chosen to shine a bright light on law enforcement analytics utilizing artificial neural network technology to encourage other researchers to become involved in this very important and timely field of study.

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Intelligent Data Mining in Law Enforcement Analytics: New Neural Networks Applied to Real Problems

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