An international portrait of the sport and exercise psychology professional: Examining professional practice issues from a global perspective

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Sport and exercise psychology continues to grow as a profession in the US and internationally. In the US, leading concerns for the profession have been difficulties regarding title use, certification/licensure and training. However, it is important to understand current international professional practice challenges the field has encountered. The purpose of this article is to present and discuss results from an international survey of sport and exercise psychology professionals regarding their training, work activities, and title use in their respective countries. Three rounds of email prompts sampled 156 professionals representing 29 countries on six continents. Results revealed that the majority of participants received training in performance enhancement, and less training in clinical issues. Approximately 80% of participants indicated a specific credential is required to practice in their country, and the titles and requirements to obtain these credentials varied considerably between countries. Suggestions for a comprehensive and globalized approach to training in sport psychology are made.

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Advances in Contemporary Sport Psychology

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