Using unity to teach game development: When you've never Written a game

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Video games are ubiquitous and our students want to learn how to make them. As computer science professors we see incorporating games into our curricula as a great way of increasing student excitement, increasing retention, and teaching communication skills. The problem many of us face though is how to teach game development when you have never written a game. Searches of articles and course offerings from other colleges does not provide a lot of clarification on what is the best environment for teaching such a course. The solution that we have found after many attempts is to build a game development course around the Unity game engine, and in this paper we describe how we arrived at this decision. Unity is easy to learn, free, cross-platform, a real game engine, and known in the field of game development but not discussed in computer science literature with regard to this type of course.

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Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education, ITiCSE

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