This series contains articles by faculty and staff that are indexed in Elsevier's Scopus. At least one author has been identified as being at Ithaca College either at the time the article was written, or later in their career.


Submissions from 2020

Pereira traduttore e l’etica della visibilità, Marella Feltrin-Morris

The impact of LSVT BIG therapy on postural control for individuals with Parkinson disease: A case series, Sarah C. Fishel, Megan E. Hotchkiss, and Samantha A. Brown

'Pouring everything that you are': Musicians' experiences of optimal performances, Jessica L. Ford, Justine Vosloo, and Monna Arvinen-Barrow

Phase reddening on asteroid Bennu from visible and near-infrared spectroscopy, S. Fornasier, P. H. Hasselmann, J. D.P. Deshapriya, M. A. Barucci, B. E. Clark, A. Praet, V. E. Hamilton, A. Simon, J. Y. Li, E. A. Cloutis, F. Merlin, X. D. Zou, and D. S. Lauretta


The Paradox of Citizenship, Sue Je Lee Gage


New taxa of the water mite family Limnocharidae (Actinotrichida: Eylaoidea) parasitising tropical water bugs of the genus Rhagovelia Mayr, 1865 (Hemiptera: Veliidae) reveal unsuspected diversity of larval morphologies, Reinhard Gerecke, Andreas Wohltmann, Bruce P. Smith, and Mark Judson

Parenting with a disability: exploring the satisfaction and efficacy of the PediaLift wheelchair accessible crib, Lynn Gitlow, Samantha Frailey, Neil Garson, Rebecca Simon, Marissa Smith, Shannon Winsor, Julie Yacovoni, and Christina Yuu

Ground and In-Flight Calibration of the OSIRIS-REx Camera Suite, D. R. Golish, C. Drouet d’Aubigny, B. Rizk, D. N. DellaGiustina, P. H. Smith, K. Becker, N. Shultz, T. Stone, M. K. Barker, E. Mazarico, E. Tatsumi, R. W. Gaskell, L. Harrison, C. Merrill, C. Fellows, B. Williams, S. O’Dougherty, M. Whiteley, J. Hancock, B. E. Clark, C. W. Hergenrother, and D. S. Lauretta


Invisibility Cloaks and Hot Reactions: Applying Infrared Thermography in the Chemistry Education Laboratory, Travis C. Green, Rebekkah H. Gresh, Desiree A. Cochran, Kaitlyn A. Crobar, Peter M. Blass, Alexis D. Ostrowski, Dean J. Campbell, Charles Xie, and Andrew T. Torelli

Emerging investigator series: Synthesis of magnesium oxide nanoparticles fabricated on a graphene oxide nanocomposite for CO2 sequestration at elevated temperatures, C. A. Gunathilake, G. G.T.A. Ranathunge, R. S. Dassanayake, S. D. Illesinghe, Amanpreet S. Manchanda, C. S. Kalpage, R. M.G. Rajapakse, and D. G.G.P. Karunaratne

Effect of online instruction on volunteers who support people with complex communication needs in active recreation, David J. Hajjar, John Walter McCarthy, Joann Paula Benigno, James Montgomery, and Jenny Chabot

Using marketing for good: An experiential project on cause-related marketing in a principles course, Fatima M. Hajjat

The Paradox of the Moderate Muslim Discourse: Subtyping Promotes Support for Anti-muslim Policies, Nader H. Hakim, Xian Zhao, and Natasha Bharj

Urban Meyer Needs an Image Repair Coach, Chris Hanna and James T. Morton

Photometry of Particles Ejected From Active Asteroid (101955) Bennu, C. W. Hergenrother, C. Maleszewski, J. Y. Li, M. Pajola, S. R. Chesley, A. S. French, A. B. Davis, J. Y. Pelgrift, J. M. Leonard, F. Shelly, A. J. Liounis, K. Becker, S. S. Balram-Knutson, R. Garcia, T. R. Kareta, C. Adam, K. Alkiek, B. J. Bos, M. Brozović, K. N. Burke, E. Christensen, B. E. Clark, D. N. DellaGiustina, C. Drouet d'Aubigny, D. Farnocchia, E. S. Howell, R. A. Jacobson, J. N. Kidd, E. J. Lessac-Chenen, R. Melikyan, M. C. Nolan, R. S. Park, and S. Selznick

Supporting and Recognizing Excellence in Teaching: STP at 75, G. William Hill, Thomas P. Pusateri, Randolph A. Smith, Bernard C. Beins, and Linda M. Noble

The Bad Test-Taker Identity, Jeffrey D. Holmes

Assessment of tongue position and laryngeal height in two professional voice populations, Carly Jo Hosbach-Cannon, Soren Y. Lowell, Raymond H. Colton, Richard T. Kelley, and Xue Bao

Said, Auerbach, and the Return to Philological Hermeneutics, Evgenia Ilieva

Visible–near infrared spectral indices for mapping mineralogy and chemistry with OSIRIS-REx, Hannah H. Kaplan, Victoria E. Hamilton, Ellen S. Howell, F. Scott Anderson, M. Antonella Barrucci, John Brucato, Thomas H. Burbine, Beth E. Clark, Ed A. Cloutis, Harold C. Connolly, Elisabetta Dotto, Joshua P. Emery, Sonia Fornasier, Cateline Lantz, Lucy F. Lim, Frederic Merlin, Alice Praet, Dennis C. Reuter, Scott A. Sandford, Amy A. Simon, Driss Takir, and Dante S. Lauretta

Bright carbonate veins on asteroid (101955) bennu: Implications for aqueous alteration history, H. H. Kaplan, D. S. Lauretta, A. A. Simon, V. E. Hamilton, D. N. Dellagiustina, D. R. Golish, D. C. Reuter, C. A. Bennett, K. N. Burke, H. Campins, H. C. Connolly, J. P. Dworkin, J. P. Emery, D. P. Glavin, T. D. Glotch, R. Hanna, K. Ishimaru, E. R. Jawin, T. J. McCoy, N. Porter, S. A. Sandford, S. Ferrone, B. E. Clark, J. Y. Li, X. D. Zou, M. G. Daly, O. S. Barnouin, J. A. Seabrook, and H. L. Enos

Sustainability engagement or not? U.S. SMEs approach, Narges Kasiri, Hormoz Movassaghi, and Sarah Lamoureux

Single-molecule level structural dynamics of DNA unwinding by human mitochondrial Twinkle helicase, Parminder Kaur, Matthew J. Longley, Hai Pan, Wendy Wang, Preston Countryman, Hong Wang, and William C. Copeland

Re-envisioning music teacher education: An investigation into curricular change at two undergraduate music education programs in the U.S., Jonathan Kladder

Corrigendum to “Asteroid Photometry” [Asteroids IV (2015) (P. Michel et al., eds.), pp. 129–150], Jian Yang Li, Paul Helfenstein, Bonnie J. Buratti, Driss Takir, and Beth Ellen Clark

A fork in the road: factors contributing to elite hockey players’ decisions to choose the NCAA route, Rachel Madsen, Jimmy Smith, Jonathon Edwards, Michael Gentile, and Alexis Wayne

Uncanny but not confusing: Multisite study of perceptual category confusion in the Uncanny Valley, Maya B. Mathur, David B. Reichling, Francesca Lunardini, Alice Geminiani, Alberto Antonietti, Peter A.M. Ruijten, Carmel A. Levitan, Gideon Nave, Dylan Manfredi, Brandy Bessette-Symons, Attila Szuts, and Balazs Aczel

Miller Fisher syndrome and Guillain-Barré syndrome: dual intervention rehabilitation of a complex patient case, Jill E. Mayer, Christine A. McNamara, and John Mayer

Engaging with wheelchair basketball: analyzing viewer attitudes and actions toward ‘the rebound: a wheelchair basketball documentary’, Cathy McKay, Joshua Pate, Timothy Mirabito, and Emeka Anaza

The symbiosis of internal and external evidence: when preparation meets opportunity, Patrick O. McKeon and Jennifer M.Medina McKeon

Complete bibliographic data, cluster assignments and combined citation network of emergency response operations research extant literature, J. P. Minas, N. C. Simpson, and Z. Y. Tacheva

Modeling emergency response operations: A theory building survey, J. P. Minas, N. C. Simpson, and Z. Y. Tacheva

News Routines in the TV Sports Department: Shifting Expectations and Technology in an Increasingly Digital Landscape, Timothy Mirabito, John Collett, and Danielle Pluchinsky

Covering terror: The New York Times's post-9/11 sports reporting, Timothy Mirabito and Robin Hardin

The fractured messaging of the national collegiate athletic association and its members in response to COVID-19, Timothy Mirabito, Robin Hardin, and Joshua R. Pate

Classification of Parkinson's disease and essential tremor based on balance and gait characteristics from wearable motion sensors via machine learning techniques: A data-driven approach, Sanghee Moon, Hyun Je Song, Vibhash D. Sharma, Kelly E. Lyons, Rajesh Pahwa, Abiodun E. Akinwuntan, and Hannes Devos

Global Hybrid Multiconfiguration Pair-Density Functional Theory, Mohammad Mostafanejad, Marcus Dante Liebenthal, and A. Eugene Deprince

Polycentric to monocentric governance: Power dynamics in Lake Victoria's fisheries, Pranietha Mudliar

Locating Power in Ostrom’s Design Principles: Watershed Management in India and the United States, Pranietha Mudliar and Tomas M. Koontz

Reflecting on a More Inclusive Historical Bioarchaeology, Jennifer L. Muller

‘English proficiency matters’: ESL learning as a vocational behavior among former korean college student-athletes on dropping out of athletic programs, Benjamin H. Nam, Qiong Bai, and Wonyul Bae

Earlier and Concurrent Food Insecurity Are Associated with Suboptimal Parenting in Early Childhood, Hoa T. Nguyen, Edward A. Frongillo, Christine E. Blake, Cheri J. Shapiro, and Amy L. Frith

Nonsurgical management of ulnar collateral ligament injuries is tentatively successful in overhead athletes: A critical appraisal of case series, Nathan Oakes and Jennifer M. Medina Mckeon

Gender, Decent Work, and Global Production Sharing in Indonesian Manufacturing, Shaianne T. Osterreich

Focus of Attention Verbalizations in Beginning Band: A Multiple Case Study, John E. Parsons and Amy L. Simmons

Watching the detectives: The multiple lives of academic editing, Wade E. Pickren

Wood-based cellulose nanocrystals as adsorbent of cationic toxic dye, Auramine O, for water treatment, Alexandre H. Pinto, Jeffrey K. Taylor, Richard Chandradat, Edmond Lam, Yali Liu, Alfred C.W. Leung, Michael Keating, and Rajesh Sunasee

Culturally Competent Sport Psychology: A Survey of Sport Psychology Professionals’ Perception of Cultural Competence, Alessandro Quartiroli, Justine Vosloo, Leslee Fisher, and Robert Schinke

The persuasion process of sponsorship and nonsponsorship activation and the dual mediation model, Vanessa Quintal, Matthew Tingchi Liu, Fahri Unsal, and Ian Phau

Ecological Psychology and Enactivism: Perceptually-Guided Action vs. Sensation-Based Enaction1, Catherine Read and Agnes Szokolszky