This series contains articles by faculty and staff that are indexed in Elsevier's Scopus. At least one author has been identified as being at Ithaca College either at the time the article was written, or later in their career.


Submissions from 1979

Chemical-Structural Properties of Tetracycline Derivatives. 7. Evidence for the Coexistence of the Zwitterionic and Nonionized forms of the Free Base in Solution, L. J. Hughes, John J. Stezowski, and R. E. Hughes

The problem of universals: An empiricist account of ideal objects, Carol A. Kates

Catalysis of the disproportionation of superoxide by metalloporphyrins, Robert F. Pasternack and William R. Skowronek

Some Asymptotic Methods in Combinatorics, J. M. Plotkin and John Rosenthal

Natural kind terms, Stephen P. Schwartz

Multichannel analyzer built from a microcomputer, C. D. Spencer and P. Mueller

Grip strength of college and professional football players, W. F. Straub

Automated instrumentation for research on the lingual tactile sensory system, Kal M. Telage

Submissions from 1978

Resolution and Instrument Line Shape Effects on Spectral Compensation with Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometers, Robert J. Anderson and Peter R. Griffiths


Photolysis of α-chloro-o-methylacetophenones, William R. Bergmark

Photoisomerization of Bis(9-anthryl)methane and Other Linked Anthracenes. The Role of Excimers and Biradicals in Photodimerization, William R. Bergmark, Guilford Jones, Thomas E. Reinhardt, and Arthur M. Halpern

Function space completions, J. W. Brace and J. D. Thomison

An efficient halogen atom abstraction reaction facilitated by a redox-active ligand, Dennis G. Brown and Glenn C. Vogel

Social characteristics of natural childbirth: users and nonusers, C. Cave

Inclusive KS0 and Electroproduction, I. Cohen, R. Erickson, F. Messing, E. Nordberg, R. Siemann, J. Smith-Kintner, P. Stein, G. Drews, W. Gebert, P. Joos, A. Ladage, H. Nagel, P. Söding, and A. Sadoff

Immunogenetic profile of the axolotl: 1977, Louis E. Delanney

Review of The Process of Thinking, Marc Belth (New York: David McKay, 1977)., James A. Drake

Electroproduction of charged pions in the quark-fragmentation region, G. Drews, W. Gebert, F. Janata, P. Joos, A. Ladage, H. Nagel, H. Preissner, P. Söding, I. Cohen, R. Erickson, F. Messing, E. Nordberg, R. Siemann, J. Smith-Kintner, P. Stein, and A. Sadoff

Young Adult, Geriatric and Aphasic Group Responses to Simple Analogies, ALVIRDA FARMER, SUZANNE McLEAN, ROBERT SPARKS, and PAMELIA F. O'CONNELL

Origin of life: An interdisciplinary course in chemical evolution for undergraduates, L. J. Hughes, J. W. Frank, and A. T. Wilson

Skeletal Muscle as a Peripheral Modifier of Behavior, Robert R. Jenkins

Photon energy storage in organic materials- The case of linked anthracenes, Guilford Jones, Thomas E. Reinhardt, and William R. Bergmark

The Relationship Between Changes in Consumption and Politics in Poland, Bogdan Mieczkowski

Kinetics and Thermodynamics of the Reactions of Two Iron (III) Porphyrins with Imidazole and 1-Methylimidazole1 in Dimethyl Sulfoxide, Robert F. Pasternack, Bruce S. Gillies, and James R. Stahlbush

Substitution reactions of a water-soluble metalloporphyrin with azide and 1,1,3,3-tetramethyl-2-thiourea, Robert F. Pasternack, Bruce S. Gillies, and Julia P. Stromsted

Study of the Kinetics of Reduction of an Iron(III) Porphyrin by Hexaammineruthenium(II). Estimate of the Self-Exchange Rate for a High-Spin Iron Porphyrin Complex, Robert F. Pasternack and Esther G. Spiro

Trapping, survival strategies, and environmental involvement: A case study from the Canadian sub-Arctic, Joel S. Savishinsky

Co57 and Fe57 mössbauer studies of the spinels FeCo2O4 and Fe0.5Co2.5O4, P. A. Smith, C. D. Spencer, and R. P. Stillwell

Evaluation of ligand field stablization in spinels using mössbauer determined cation distributions, C. D. Spencer, P. A. Smith, and R. P. Stillwell

Administrators' Ratings of Competencies for an Undergraduate Music Education Curriculum, Joel R. Stegall, Jack E. Blackburn, and Richard H. Coop

Testing procedures for measuring oral vibrotactile thresholds: III. Effects obtained using a nonclamping method, Kal M. Telage and Linda A. Petrosino

Submissions from 1977

Determination of rotational temperatures of diatomic molecules from absorption spectra measured at moderate resolution, Robert J. Anderson and Peter R. Griffiths

Psycho-physical effects of varied rest intervals following warm-up, Joel Aronchick and Edmund J. Burke

Physiological effects of similar training programs in males and females, Edmund J. Burke

Competency-Based Teacher Education in the U.S.A., Alan Burton

Populist rhetoric reassessed: A paradox, Howard S. Erlich

The latvian “autonomy” conference of 30 july 1917, Andrew Ezergailis

Stop cognate production patterns in adult athetotic cerebral palsied speakers, A. Farmer

Self-Correctional Strategies In The Conversational Speech Of Aphasic And Nonaphasic Brain Damaged Adults, Alvirda Farmer

An Extraneous Vocal Behavior in Cerebral Palsied Speakers, ALVIRDA FARMER and RUTH M. LENCIONE

Locus of control among dutch and American women softball players, Joan A. Finn and William F. Straub

Sport personality assessment: facts, fallacies, and perspectives, A. C. Fisher

Activation and sport performance: some coaching guidelines, A. C. Fisher and M. A. Motta

Lingual clamping procedures for measuring oral vibrotactile thresholds: II. Effects of using a lower clamping disk, Donald J. Fucci, Michael A. Crary, and Kal M. Telage

Oxygen dependent ring cleavage in a copper coordinated catechol, Dennis G. Brown, Lynn Beckmann, Carol Hill Ashby, Glenn C. Vogel, and James T. Reinprecht

Physical exercise as a laboratory tool, R. R. Jenkins

Attack stress induces gastrointestinal pathology in domesticated rats, Richard Lore and David Luciano

The interaction of some water-soluble porphyrins and metalloporphyrins with human serum albumin, Gary R. Parr and Robert F. Pasternack

Solution properties of tetrakis-(4-N-methyl)pyridylporphineiron(III), Robert F. Pasternack, Howard Lee, Paul Malek, and Charles Spencer