This series contains articles by faculty and staff that are indexed in Elsevier's Scopus. At least one author has been identified as being at Ithaca College either at the time the article was written, or later in their career.


Submissions from 1977

Kinetics of binding of imidazole to αβγδ- tetraphenylporphinatoiron(III) in dimethyl sulphoxide, Robert F. Pasternack and James R. Stahlbush

Thin-Layer Spectroelectrochemical Study of Tetrakis(4-N-methylpyridyl)porphinecobalt(III), David F. Rohrbach, Edward Deutsch, William R. Heineman, and Robert F. Pasternack

Lingual clamping procedures for measuring oral vibrotactile thresholds: I. Effects of using a free-surround disk, Kal M. Telage, Donald J. Fucci, and Michael A. Crary

Thermodynamic Study of the Adduct Formation of Zinc Tetraphenylporphine with Several Neutral Donors in Cyclohexane, Glenn C. Vogel and James R. Stahlbush

Bacterial growth kinetics on diphenylmethane and naphthalene heptamethylnonane mixtures, R. S. Wodzinski and D. Larocca

Submissions from 1976

Arousal and anxiety correlates of gymnastic performance, Marilyn L. Basler, A. Craig Fisher, and Nancy L. Mumford

An advanced laboratory experiment in bioinorganic chemistry, B. A. Beckmann, A. Buchman, R. F. Pasternack, J. T. Relnprecht, and G. C. Vogel

Synthesis and characterization of copper(II) catecholato complexes, Dennis G. Brown, James T. Reinprecht, and Glenn C. Vogel

Validity of selected laboratory and field tests of physical working capacity, Edmund J. Burke

The thermal conductivity of manganin wire and Stycast 2850 GT between 1 K and 4 K, D. T. Corzett, A. M. Keller, and P. Seligmann

Use of Kinetic Isotope Effects in Mechanism Studies. Anomalous Arrhenius Parameters in the Study of Elimination Reactions, H. F. Koch, D. B. Dahlberg, M. F. McEntee, and C. J. Klecha

Mössbauer study of Fe57 and Co57 in Co1 + xV2-xO4, Jong Duk Lee, Dietrich Schroeer, and Charles D. Spencer

Decisionmaking in elementary children: Effects on attitudes and interaction, Victor H. Mancini, John T.F. Cheffers, and Leonard D. Zaichkowsky

A multi-purpose sequence timing unit, Harold H. Morris

Substitution Reactions of Tetracarboxyphenylporphinatocobaltate(III) with Thiocyanate and Pyridine as a Function of pH, R. F. Pasternack and G. R. Parr

Reduction of Tetrakis(4-N-methylpyridyl)porphinecobalt(III) by Hexaammineruthenium(II), Robert F. Pasternack

Additions and corrections: Some Very Rapid Reactions of Porphyrins in Aqueous Solution (J. Am. Chem. Soc. (1976) 98(7) (1908–1913)(10.1021/ja00423a043)), Robert F. Pasternack, Norman Sutin, and Douglas H. Turner

Some Very Rapid Reactions of Porphyrins in Aqueous Solution, Robert F. Pasternack, Norman Sutin, and Douglas H. Turner

Mössbauer effect for Fe57 and Co57 in TiO2 (rutile), T. R. Sandin, Dietrich Schroeer, and Charles D. Spencer

Effect of three levels of work intensity on performance of a fine motor skill, J. F. Spano and E. J. Burke

Teaching a physics-and-society course, Charles Spencer

Critical reading list for teachers of physics-and-society courses, Charles Spencer and Dietrich Schroeer

Temporal summation effects on lingual vibrotactile thresholds, K. M. Telage, D. Fucci, and R. Blackmon

Binding of Pyridine to Phenyl-Substituted Derivatives of Zinc Tetraphenylporphine, Glenn C. Vogel and Bruce A. Beckmann

Submissions from 1975

Changes in VO2 max resulting from bicycle training at different intensities holding total mechanical work constant, Edmund J. Burke and B. Don Franks

Will physicians of the future be able to prescribe exercise?, Edmund J. Burke and Phillip B. Hultgren

Omnivorous zooplankton and planktivorous fish, John L. Confer and Pamela I. Blades

Stop cognate production in cerebral palsied speakers, A. Farmer

Stuttering Repetitions in Aphasic and Nonaphasic Brain Damaged Adults, Alvirda Farmer

Multiplicities and angular distributions in deep-inelastic ep and en scattering, B. Gibbard, K. Berkelman, P. H. Garbincius, J. S. Klinger, P. Wanderer, and A. J. Sadoff

The Educational Laboratory: Output or Input?, Eric Graf and David V. Williams

The semantic structure in deaf children, Walter B. Green and David C. Shepherd

Almeder on truth and evidence, William E. Hoffmann

Health implications of the vegetarian diet, R. R. Jenkins

Aggression and social experience in domesticated rats, David Luciano and Richard Lore

Dichotic and diotic presentation of a click on sentence task, J. A. Onufrak

Substitution and Oxidation-Reduction Reactions of a Water-Soluble Porphyrin. Tetrakis(4-N-methylpyridyl)porphinecobalt(III)-Pyridine System, R. F. Pasternack, M. A. Cobb, and N. Sutin

Simple hydrodynamic treatment of ocean tides, P. Seligmann and M. Steinberg

On the mechanism of the catalase-like activity of cobalt(III)-hematoporphyrin, Helmut Sigel and Robert F. Pasternack

Validation of a ski simulator, William F. Straub

The effects of linear and logarithmic data transformations upon observed patterns of lingual vibrotactile sensitivity, Kal M. Telage and Donald J. Fucci

The value of experiential learning in long-term care education: Emphasis on simulated sensory deprivation in an institutional setting, Norma Wasmuth

Comparison of suceptibility to impulse noise induced threshold shift: chinchilla and man, C. M. Woodford

Submissions from 1974

Large-angle proton and pion production in deep-inelastic electron scattering, L. Ahrens, K. Berkelman, G. S. Brown, D. G. Cassel, W. R. Francis, P. H. Garbincius, D. Harding, D. L. Hartill, J. L. Hartmann, R. L. Loveless, R. C. Rohlfs, D. H. White, and A. J. Sadoff

Cycling in the Newton-Raphson algorithm, Marcia Ascher

Lolita and pure art, Michael Bell

Decyl nitrite: An aldehyde analog in the bacterial bioluminescence reaction, Dotti Bentley, Anatol Eberhard, and Robert Solsky

Underwater bradycardia, Edmund J. Burke and Peter R. Lynch

A mobile unit for identification audiometry, M. Coe, C. Woodford, and T. W. Carlin

Skinner' s Copernican Revolution, RICHARD E. CREEL