This series contains articles by faculty and staff that are indexed in Elsevier's Scopus. At least one author has been identified as being at Ithaca College either at the time the article was written, or later in their career.


Submissions from 2019

Citing history, A. K. Thompson


Studying the Evolution of Warm Dust Encircling BD +20 307 Using SOFIA, Maggie A. Thompson, Alycia J. Weinberger, Luke D. Keller, Jessica A. Arnold, and Christopher C. Stark

Retraction and the making of arthurian texts, Michael W. Twomey

Melanism protects alpine zooplankton from DNA damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, Cynthia K.S. Ulbing, Julia M. Muuse, and Brooks E. Miner

Goodbye to cinema? Jean-Luc Godard’s Adieu au langage (2014) as 3D images at the edge of history, Andrew Utterson

Using Google Earth and KML to teach Fundamental Object Oriented Programming, Elizabeth Vidal, Eveling Castro Gutierrez, and Ali Erkan

Publisher Correction: Craters, boulders and regolith of (101955) Bennu indicative of an old and dynamic surface (Nature Geoscience, (2019), 10.1038/s41561-019-0326-6), K. J. Walsh, E. R. Jawin, R. L. Ballouz, O. S. Barnouin, E. B. Bierhaus, H. C. Connolly, J. L. Molaro, T. J. McCoy, M. Delbo’, C. M. Hartzell, M. Pajola, S. R. Schwartz, D. Trang, E. Asphaug, K. J. Becker, C. B. Beddingfield, C. A. Bennett, W. F. Bottke, K. N. Burke, B. C. Clark, M. G. Daly, D. N. DellaGiustina, J. P. Dworkin, C. M. Elder, D. R. Golish, A. R. Hildebrand, R. Malhotra, J. Marshall, P. Michel, M. C. Nolan, M. E. Perry, B. Rizk, and A. Ryan

Peers Observing Peers: Exploring Cross-Institutional Observations and Dialogues Facilitated by Videoconferencing Software, Chad West and Matthew Clauhs

The traditional secondary concert band, David A. Williams

The learner-centered music classroom: Models and possibilities, David A. Williams and Jonathan R. Kladder

Fatty Infiltrate of the Lumbar Multifidus Muscles Predicts Return to Play in Young Athletes with Extension-Based Low Back Pain, John Winslow, Andrew Getzin, Hilary Greenberger, and Walter Silbert

Modelling inducible defences in predator–prey interactions: assumptions and dynamical consequences of three distinct approaches, Masato Yamamichi, Toni Klauschies, Brooks E. Miner, and Ellen van Velzen

Submissions from 2018

The pass of least resistance: Sexual orientation and race in ZZ Packer's "Drinking Coffee Elsewhere", Derek Adams

Key triggers of domestic violence in ghana: A victim centered analysis, Lady Adaina Ajayi and Peyi Soyinka-Airewele

Editorial, Susan J. Avery

Letter to the editors, Asma Barlas

First and second-level agenda-setting in the 2014 Indian general election: a time-series analysis of party-media relation, Hans Christian Baumann, Pei Zheng, and Maxwell McCombs

Geopolitics, John Berryman

The robustness of false memory for emotional pictures, Brandy A. Bessette-Symons

The impact of online financial disclosure and donations in nonprofits, Marie C. Blouin, Roderick L. Lee, and G. Scott Erickson

The enduring appeal of psychosocial explanations of physical illness, Roderick D. Buchanan, Nick Haslam, and Wade Pickren

Efficient synthesis of the ketone body ester (R)-3-hydroxybutyryl-(R)-3-hydroxybutyrate and its (S,S) enantiomer, Noah Budin, Erin Higgins, Anthony DiBernardo, Cassidy Raab, Chun Li, and Scott Ulrich

The offensive line: Journalists’ use of words considered disparaging, David P. Burns and James A. Rada

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Facilitate Return to Driving and Return to Work in Mild Stroke: A Position Paper, Suzanne Perea Burns, Jaclyn K. Schwartz, Shannon L. Scott, Hannes Devos, Mark Kovic, Ickpyo Hong, and Abiodun Akinwuntan

The emergence of cannabis agriculture frontiers as environmental threats, Van Butsic, Jennifer K. Carah, Matthias Baumann, Connor Stephens, and Jacob C. Brenner

Ancient lowland Maya complexity as revealed by airborne laser scanning of northern Guatemala, Marcello A. Canuto, Francisco Estrada-Belli, Thomas G. Garrison, Stephen D. Houston, Mary Jane Acuña, Milan Kovác, Damien Marken, Philippe Nondédéo, Luke Auld-Thomas, Cyril Castanet, David Chatelain, Carlos R. Chiriboga, Tomáš Drápela, Tibor Lieskovský, Alexandre Tokovinine, Antolín Velasquez, Juan C. Fernández-Díaz, and Ramesh Shrestha

Maternal choline supplementation during the third trimester of pregnancy improves infant information processing speed: A randomized, double-blind, controlled feeding study, Marie A. Caudill, Barbara J. Strupp, Laura Muscalu, Julie E.H. Nevins, and Richard L. Canfield

Agencies as Agents of Change: Considering Social Responsibility in the Advertising Curriculum, Sara Champlin and Yvette Sterbenk

Investigation of the Rosenbaum Concussion Knowledge and Attitudes Survey in Collegiate Athletes, Erin B. Chapman, Alan Nasypany, Jim May, Timothy Henry, Chris Hummel, and Hyung Pil Jun

Molecular systematics of swifts of the genus Chaetura (Aves: Apodiformes: Apodidae), R. Terry Chesser, Haley Vaseghi, Peter A. Hosner, Laura M. Bergner, M. Nandadevi Cortes-Rodriguez, Andreanna J. Welch, and Charles T. Collins

A brief history of spacecraft missions to asteroids and protoplanets, Beth E. Clark, Maria A. Barucci, Xiao Duan Zou, Marcello Fulchignoni, Andrew Rivkin, Carol Raymond, Makoto Yoshikawa, Linda T. Elkins-Tanton, and Hal Levison

A model for online music education, Radio Cremata

Visual perturbation impacts upright postural stability in athletes with an acute concussion, Andrea Cripps, Scott Livingston, Yang Jiang, Carl Mattacola, Patrick Kitzman, Patrick McKeon, Emily Dressler, and Carolina Quintana

Numbers are Just Not Enough: A Critical Analysis of Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Elementary and Middle School Health Textbooks, Sherry L. Deckman, Ellie Fitts Fulmer, Keely Kirby, Katharine Hoover, and Abena Subira Mackall

Clinical assessment of acute lateral ankle sprain injuries (ROAST): 2019 consensus statement and recommendations of the International Ankle Consortium, Eamonn Delahunt, Chris M. Bleakley, Daniela S. Bossard, Brian M. Caulfield, Carrie L. Docherty, Cailbhe Doherty, François Fourchet, Daniel T. Fong, Jay Hertel, Claire E. Hiller, Thomas W. Kaminski, Patrick O. McKeon, Kathryn M. Refshauge, Alexandria Remus, Evert Verhagen, Bill T. Vicenzino, Erik A. Wikstrom, and Phillip A. Gribble

Overcoming the Challenges Associated with Image-Based Mapping of Small Bodies in Preparation for the OSIRIS-REx Mission to (101955) Bennu, D. N. DellaGiustina, C. A. Bennett, K. Becker, D. R. Golish, L. Le Corre, D. A. Cook, K. L. Edmundson, M. Chojnacki, S. S. Sutton, M. P. Milazzo, B. Carcich, M. C. Nolan, N. Habib, K. N. Burke, T. Becker, P. H. Smith, K. J. Walsh, K. Getzandanner, D. R. Wibben, J. M. Leonard, M. M. Westermann, A. T. Polit, J. N. Kidd, C. W. Hergenrother, W. V. Boynton, J. Backer, S. Sides, J. Mapel, K. Berry, H. Roper, C. Drouet d'Aubigny, B. Rizk, and M. K. Crombie

The Attitudes and Knowledge of Residential Treatment Center Staff Members Working with Adolescents Who Have Experienced Trauma, Michelle Denison, Amy Gerney, Jill Barbuti Van Leuken, and James Conklin

Assistive technology and people: a position paper from the first global research, innovation and education on assistive technology (GREAT) summit, Deirdre Desmond, Natasha Layton, Jacob Bentley, Fleur Heleen Boot, Johan Borg, Bishnu Maya Dhungana, Pamela Gallagher, Lynn Gitlow, Rosemary Joan Gowran, Nora Groce, Katerina Mavrou, Trish Mackeogh, Rachael McDonald, Cecilia Pettersson, and Marcia J. Scherer

A New Proof of the Existence of Embedded Surfaces with Anosov Geodesic Flow, Victor Donnay and Daniel Visscher

Differential effects of acute versus chronic stress on ethanol sensitivity: Evidence for interactions on both behavioral and neuroimmune outcomes, Tamara L. Doremus-Fitzwater, Jacqueline E. Paniccia, Anny Gano, Andrew S. Vore, and Terrence Deak

Work, Julie Dorsey, Holly Ehrenfried, Denise Finch, and Lisa A. Jaegers

Turning the tables: Authoring as an asset rather than a burden, Toby Dragon

Improving course content while creating customized assessment and support at the conceptual level, Toby Dragon and Elisabeth Kimmich Mitchell

The practice and promise of private land conservation, Michael Drescher and Jacob C. Brenner

School Discipline, Race, and the Discursive Construction of the “Deficient” Student, Jessica L. Dunning-Lozano

Secondary Discipline: The Unintended Consequences of Zero Tolerance School Discipline for Low-Income Black and Latina Mothers, Jessica L. Dunning-Lozano

Eastern european male democracies: A problem of unequal equality, Zillah Eisenstein

Equalizing privacy and specifying equality, Zillah Eisenstein

Patent protection for central and Eastern Europe: Lessons from the West, G. Scott Erickson

Assessing competitiveness with knowledge metrics, Scott Erickson and Helen Rothberg