This series contains articles by faculty and staff that are indexed in Elsevier's Scopus. At least one author has been identified as being at Ithaca College either at the time the article was written, or later in their career.


Submissions from 2018

The educational insights and opportunities afforded by the nuances of prim’s and Kruskal’s MST algorithms, Ali Erkan

Holistic approaches to computer science, Ali Erkan, John Barr, Valerie Barr, Michael Goldweber, and Deepak Kumar

Developing a holistic understanding of systems and algorithms through research papers, Ali Erkan, John Barr, Tony Clear, Cruz Izu, Cristian Jose Lopez Del Alamo, Hanan Mohammed, and Mahadev Nadimpalli

Working at the crossroads of pleasure and danger: Feminist perspectives on doing critical sexuality studies, Breanne Fahs, Rebecca F. Plante, and Sara I. McClelland

Introduction: The musicological occult, or show us the dragons, Phil Ford and S. Alexander Reed

Developing a Visualization Education Curriculum in the Age of Big Data Using the Dick and Carey Model, Alon Friedman and Edward Schneider

Trauma-Informed Hospice and Palliative Care, Barbara L. Ganzel

"I wanna go to at school" (Said no one, ever), Paul R. Geisler

The effect of environmental sustainability initiatives on firm value, Matthew Geiszler, Jason Muenzen, and Jeffery Lippitt

Positive and negative application of flexible working time arrangements: Comparing the United States of America and the EU countries, Lonnie Golden, Stephen Sweet, and Heejung Chung

Green light drives photosynthesis in mosses, Robert J. Griffin-Nolan, Adam Zelehowsky, Jason G. Hamilton, and Peter J. Melcher

A pragmatist critique of dogmatic philosophy of history, Serge Grigoriev

Development of alumina-mesoporous organosilica hybrid materials for carbon dioxide adsorption at 25 °C, Chamila Gunathilake, Rohan S. Dassanayake, Chandrakantha S. Kalpage, and Mietek Jaroniec

The heat is on: Thermal sensing and newsgathering – A look at the legal implications of modern newsgathering, Roy S. Gutterman and Angela M. Rulffes

How to Make a Billion Parasites, Eric S. Haag and Te Wen Lo


Supporting communication partners in a leisure setting to enhance social interaction and participation for individuals with complex communication needs, David Joseph Hajjar, John Walter McCarthy, and Molly Lanphear Hajjar

Using Photovoice as a participatory method to identify and strategize community participation with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Jenna L. Heffron, Natasha A. Spassiani, Amber M. Angell, and Joy Hammel

FORCAST: A Mid-Infrared Camera for SOFIA, T. L. Herter, J. D. Adams, G. E. Gull, J. Schoenwald, L. D. Keller, B. E. Pirger, C. P. Henderson, G. J. Stacey, T. Nikola, J. M. De Buizer, W. D. Vacca, and K. Ennico

Crying for justice: The #BlackLivesMatter religious rhetoric of bishop T.D. Jakes, Christopher A. House

The political economy of global culture - A case study of the Film Industry, Aida A. Hozic

Posttraumatic deep vein thrombosis in collegiate athletes: An exploration clinical case series, Chris Hummel, Paul R. Geisler, Tim Reynolds, and Todd Lazenby

“Why did the white woman cross the street?”: Cultural countermeasures against affective forms of racism, Paula Ioanide

Spine kinematics exhibited during the stop-jump by physically active individuals with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and spinal fusion, Rumit Singh Kakar, Yumeng Li, Cathleen N. Brown, Seock Ho Kim, Timothy S. Oswald, and Kathy J. Simpson

Biomechanical and physiological load carrying efficiency of two firefighter harness variations, Rumit Singh Kakar, Joshua M. Tome, and Deborah L. King

The importance of being sufficiently realistic: a reply to Milan Ćirković, Robert Klee

Beyond replicator dynamics: From frequency to density dependent models of evolutionary games, Vlastimil Křivan, Theodore E. Galanthay, and Ross Cressman

A biogeographical profile of the sand cockroach Arenivaga floridensis and its bearing on origin hypotheses for Florida scrub biota, Trip Lamb, Teresa C. Justice, Michael S. Brewer, Paul E. Moler, Heidi Hopkins, and Jason E. Bond

Improving Nutritional Habits With No Diet Prescription: Details of a Nutritional Coaching Process, Antonio Herbert Lancha, Gary A. Sforzo, and Luciana Oquendo Pereira-Lancha

The impact of supertasters on taste test and marketing outcomes: How an innate characteristic shapes taste, preference, experience, and behavior, Kathryn A. Latour, Michael S. Latour, and Brian Wansink

Restoration of 'āina malo'o on Hawai'i island: Expanding biocultural relationships, Noa Kekuewa Lincoln, Jack Rossen, Peter Vitousek, Jesse Kahoonei, Dana Shapiro, Keone Kalawe, Mahealani Pai, Kehaulani Marshall, and Kamuela Meheula

Knee strength, power and stair performance of the elderly 5 years after unicompartmental knee arthroplasty, Yumeng Li, Rumit S. Kakar, Yang Chieh Fu, Ormonde M. Mahoney, Tracy L. Kinsey, and Kathy J. Simpson

Upper trunk–pelvis coordination during running using the continuous relative fourier phase method, Yumeng Li, Rumit S. Kakar, Marika A. Walker, Li Guan, and Kathy J. Simpson

Sustainability in marketing: a systematic review unifying 20 years of theoretical and substantive contributions (1997–2016), Matthew B. Lunde

The Chinese Smog Crisis as Media Event: Examining Twitter Discussion of the Documentary Under the Dome, Shuning Lu, Wenhong Chen, Xiaoqian Li, and Pei Zheng

Values and leadership roles: Reflexive versus reflective enactment, Granger Macy

Eukaryotes in the gut microbiota in myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome, Alexandra H. Mandarano, Ludovic Giloteaux, Betsy A. Keller, Susan M. Levine, and Maureen R. Hanson

Evaluation of the effects of a clinically implemented exercise program on physical fitness, fatigue, and depression in cancer survivors, Ryan J. Marker, Emily Cox-Martin, Catherine M. Jankowski, W. Thomas Purcell, and John C. Peters

Effects of preoperative exercise on physical fitness and body composition in pancreatic cancer survivors receiving neoadjuvant therapy: A case series, Ryan J. Marker, John C. Peters, W. Thomas Purcell, and Catherine A. Jankowski

Patterns in inversion sequences II: Inversion sequences avoiding triples of relations, Megan Martinez and Carla Savage

National athletic trainers' Association position statement: Facilitating work-life balance in athletic training practice settings, Stephanie M. Mazerolle, William A. Pitney, Ashley Goodman, Christianne M. Eason, Scott Spak, Kent C. Scriber, Craig A. Voll, Kimberly Detwiler, John Rock, Larry Cooper, and Erica Simone

The world through the eyes of the New York times and people's daily: A network agenda-setting analysis of psychological geography, Maxwell McCombs, Pei Zheng, and Paro Pain

Robustness, control, and the demand for morally significant alternatives: Frankfurt examples with oodles and oodles of alternatives, Michael McKenna

Introduction, Michael McKenna and David Widerker

The clinical scientific method—what’s next? …, Patrick O. McKeon and Jennifer M.Medina McKeon

How many lives does a CAT really have?, Patrick O. McKeon and Jennifer M. Medina Mckeon

Peer review: The hallmark of external evidence integrity, Patrick O. McKeon and Jennifer M. Medina McKeon

The mysteries of the universe: The tamil muslim intellectualism of M.C. Siddi Lebbe, Alexander McKinley and Merin Shobhana Xavier

A new year, a new look, and new opportunities, Jennifer M. Medina Mckeon and Patrick O. McKeon

“Bias” is not a four-letter word, Jennifer M. Medina McKeon and Patrick O. McKeon

Interrogating faith: Using literature to teach religion and nature, Nancy Menning