This series contains articles by faculty and staff that are indexed in Elsevier's Scopus. At least one author has been identified as being at Ithaca College either at the time the article was written, or later in their career.


Submissions from 2018

Narrating climate change as a rite of passage, Nancy Menning

Religion for non-human animals: Describe a successful classroom teaching tactic that could be replicated by other instructors., Nancy Menning

Should Cookie Monster adopt a healthy lifestyle or continue to indulge? Insights into brand icons, Altaf Merchant, Kathryn A. LaTour, John B. Ford, and Michael S. LaTour

An analysis of ratings and interrater reliability of adjudicated orchestra festivals, James P. Mick and David A. Pope

Count nouns and mass nouns: Crops, produce, and the plural of seed, Charles L. Mohler and Linda A. Heyne

Slions: A karaoke application to enhance foreign language learning, Dania Murad, Riwu Wang, Douglas Turnbull, and Ye Wang

Music education frontiers: Fulfilling legacies … breaking boundaries, David E. Myers

Super-Girl: strength and sadness in Black girlhood, Nia Michelle Nunn

Learning to embody the radically empirical: Performance, ethnography, sensorial knowledge and the art of tabla playing, Denise Nuttall

Modules induced from polynomial subalgebras of the Virasoso algebra, Matthew Ondrus and Emilie Wiesner

Consumer attitudes toward genetically modified food in the United States: Are Millennials different?, Bülent Öz, Fahri Unsal, and Hormoz Movassaghi

Twitter versus Facebook: Comparing incivility, impoliteness, and deliberative attributes, Mustafa Oz, Pei Zheng, and Gina Masullo Chen

Is Paid Surrogacy a Form of Reproductive Prostitution? A Kantian Perspective, Tatiana Patrone

Treating others as means, but not merely as means: Re-reading kant’s ‘formula of humanity’, Tatiana Patrone


Editorial markings as analysis in Bach's Partita No. 1 for solo violin, "corrente", Crystal A. Peebles

Is there a clinical application for tablet-based automated audiometry in children?, Olivia Pereira, Lauren E. Pasko, Jenna Supinski, Mackenzie Hammond, Thierry Morlet, and Kyoko Nagao

Marketing your university on social media: a content analysis of Facebook post types and formats, Adam Peruta and Alison B. Shields

Dietary lipophilic iron alters amyloidogenesis and microglial morphology in Alzheimer's disease knock-in APP mice, Douglas G. Peters, Alexis N. Pollack, Keith C. Cheng, Dongxiao Sun, Takaomi Saido, Michael P. Haaf, Qing X. Yang, James R. Connor, and Mark D. Meadowcroft

Dietary lipophilic iron accelerates regional brain iron-load in C57BL6 mice, Douglas G. Peters, Carson J. Purnell, Michael P. Haaf, Qing X. Yang, James R. Connor, and Mark D. Meadowcroft

Psychology in the social imaginary of neoliberalism: Critique and beyond, Wade E. Pickren

Designing and Teaching a Course about Characterization Techniques for Solid State Materials in an Undergraduate Institution, Alexandre H. Pinto

Synthesis of Cu2(Zn1-xCox)SnS4 nanocrystals and formation of polycrystalline thin films from their aqueous dispersions, Alexandre H. Pinto, Seung Wook Shin, Aastha Sharma, R. Lee Penn, and Eray S. Aydil

Doing gender diversity: Readings in theory and real-world experience, Rebecca F. Plante and Lis M. Maurer

Contención y acción no violenta en américa latina: Introducción al número especial, Jeffrey D. Pugh and Patricia Rodríguez

Contention and nonviolent action in latin america: Introduction to the special issue, Jeffrey D. Pugh and Patricia Rodríguez

Is the Young Star RZ Piscium Consuming Its Own (Planetary) Offspring?, K. M. Punzi, J. H. Kastner, C. Melis, B. Zuckerman, C. Pilachowski, L. Gingerich, and T. Knapp

Socially conscious investing: do good deeds get punished?, Judy Qiu, Hormoz Movassaghi, and Alka Bramhandkar

Uniting Jimmy and Jackie: Foundation for a Research Program in Developmental Ecological Psychology, Nancy de Villiers Rader

An Emerging Developmental Ecological Psychology: Future Directions and Potentials, Catherine Read and Agnes Szokolszky

Developmental Ecological Psychology: Changes in Organism-Environment Systems Over Time, Part I, Catherine Read and Agnes Szokolszky

Developmental Ecological Psychology: Changes in Organism-Environment Systems Over Time, Part II, Catherine Read and Agnes Szokolszky

Visualizing peter: The first animated adaptations of prokofiev's peter and the Wolf, Deborah Rifkin

Engaging layers of intangibles across intelligent learning ecosystems for competitive advantage, Helen Rothberg and Scott Erickson

Powerful learning at SEA: Connecting to complexity and systemic design, Gordon Rowland and Allison L. Kitchner-Meyer

A University and District ESOL Partnership: Collaboration Within the Context of Common Core State Standards Implementation, Felice Atesoglu Russell

Teacher leadership to support English language learners, Felice Atesoglu Russell and Kerry Soo Von Esch

Afterword: Chasing composition, David Salomon

Against rigidity for natural kind terms, Stephen P. Schwartz

Return to Work After Stroke: A Survey of Occupational Therapy Practice Patterns, Shannon L. Scott and Salvador Bondoc

Compendium of the health and wellness coaching literature, Gary A. Sforzo, Miranda P. Kaye, Irina Todorova, Sebastian Harenberg, Kyle Costello, Laura Cobus-Kuo, Aubrey Faber, Elizabeth Frates, and Margaret Moore

A new resource for health & fitness professionals, Gary A. Sforzo and Margaret Moore

The Role of Hypermasculinity, Token Resistance, Rape Myth, and Assertive Sexual Consent Communication Among College Men, Autumn Shafer, Rebecca R. Ortiz, Bailey Thompson, and Jennifer Huemmer

"Holding the language in my hand": A multilingual lens on curricular design, Gail Shuck and Daniel Wilber

Form and time in trout mask replica, Peter Silberman

Age progressive volcanism opposite Nazca plate motion: Insights from seamounts on the northeastern margin of the Galapagos Platform, Christopher W. Sinton, Folkmar Hauff, Kaj Hoernle, and Reinhard Werner

The Status of Strings and Orchestra Programs in U.S. Schools, Bret P. Smith, James P. Mick, and Michael L. Alexander

Western discourse and the socio-political pathology of ethnicity in contemporary Africa, Peyi Soyinka-Airewele

Resolving copyright concerns in the development of diverse curriculum materials for media analysis activities, Chris Sperry and Cyndy Scheibe

"I find my mind meeting yours": Rebecca West's Telepathic Modernism, Jennifer Spitzer

A comparison of the efficacy of weight-shift vs. joystick control of a robotic mobility device by infants ages 5 to 10 months, Sharon Stansfield, Carole Dennis, Rachel Altman, Janelle Smith, and Hélène Larin