Due to COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), the 2020 Whalen Symposium was cancelled. These works had been accepted for live presentation. When the live event was cancelled, students submitted their work in a variety of formats.

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A Brain, an Athlete, a Basket Case, a Princess and a Criminal: Labeling Theory in Education

Cora Payne, Ithaca College

A Fantasy Retold: Four “Sleeping Beauties” and their Awakenings through Selected 19th Century Literary Texts

Olivia Forker, Ithaca College

A Model of Spectral Variance on Asteroid RQ36

Antara Sen, Ithaca College
Muhtasim Hossain, Ithaca College

A Qualitative Exploration of Colorism and Young Women’s Feelings and Attitudes about “Skin Color”, Race, and Hair

Michele Paniagua, Ithaca College

Abolitionist Education through the Work of Dr. Bettina Love

August Miguez, Ithaca College

Addressing Inequalities in Physical Therapy: Perspectives of a Nigerian American Student Physical Therapist

Efosa Erhunmwunse, Ithaca College

An Investigation in the Figurate Numbers

Kellie Wainwright, Ithaca College
Alyssa Haber, Ithaca College

Analyzing Recursive Sequences

Dylan Costa, Ithaca College

Analyzing the Educational Impacts of a New Mobile Application to Aid Student Learning of Electric Fields

Liana Rodelli, Ithaca College

Arduinos and X-Rays

Mia Manzer, Ithaca College

Are Students Food Insecure at Ithaca College?

Elizabeth Jesch, Ithaca College
Catherine Colgan, Ithaca College
Katherine Perdomo, Ithaca College
Emily Pressman, Ithaca College

Assessment of a Novel Laboratory Activity to Enhance Student Learning on Disease Transmission

Marco DiSanto, Ithaca College

Barefoot and Shod Gait Parameters in an Individual with Anterior Knee Pain

Jacob Belcher, Ithaca College
Efosa Erhunmwunse, Ithaca College
Binita Patel, Ithaca College
Alex Drescher, Ithaca College

Bennu’s Natural Sample Delivery Mechanism: Estimating the Flux of Bennu Particle Meteors at Earth

Robert Melikyan, Ithaca College

Best Treatment Approaches for Children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Hanna Fuchs, Ithaca College
Hannah Conahan, Ithaca College

Business in Education - Implications of Student Data Privacy Protection

Molly Whitehead, Ithaca College

Castrati, Countertenors, & Male Sopranos.

Darius Elmore, Ithaca College

Characterization and Patterning of Superconducting Thin Films

Ioan Dascalu, Ithaca College

Chestnut Living Lab

Emily Gronquist, Ithaca College
Christopher Atanasoff, Ithaca College
Caroline Bissaillon, Ithaca College
Liam Wurtz, Ithaca College

Comparison of Lunge and Bulgarian Split Squat Kinematics and Kinetics between a Subject with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and a Non-Pathological Control

Cahill Nicholas, Ithaca College
Michelle Flores, Ithaca College
Abigail Merrill, Ithaca College
Tyler Sheldon, Ithaca College

Costa Rican Culture

Grace Nolan, Ithaca College

Costa Rican Government and How it Supports Sustainable Tourism

Steffani Farquharson, Ithaca College

Deconstructing the Literary Canon: Centering on Poets of Color in the Spanish-speaking World

Joshua Lam, Ithaca College

Depression and Anxiety: The Curse of a College Student

Allyson Stoner, Ithaca College
Michelle Pei, Ithaca College
Brianne Cooley, Ithaca College

Do Ravens Have Accents?

Victoria Eastham, Ithaca College

Dr. Julia Ogden: how a fictional character empowers young women

Miriam Brown, Ithaca College

“For the Honor of Grayskull” and Girlhood: Fanfiction and Media Adaptations of She-Ra

Alayna Vander Veer, Ithaca College

Googling My Way to be A Perfect Citizen For Climate Change: Developing a Performance Piece

Isobel Duncan, Ithaca College

Hear Our Voices

Calissa Brown, Ithaca College

How IC Climate Change: Motivations and Barriers to Climate Change Action among College Students

Meaghan McElroy, Ithaca College

Howling with the Monkeys: Determining Polymorphic Primers in order to Study the Genetics of Two Groups of Mantled Howler Monkeys at La Pacifica, Costa Rica

Ashley Stacey, Ithaca College

Incline Treadmill Walking for Medial Knee Osteoarthritis

Anna Belson, Ithaca College
Kristy Christiansen, Ithaca College
Rebecca Harrington, Ithaca College
Renee Marcyan, Ithaca College

LGBTQ+ Identity in College Athletics

Alexander Perry, Ithaca College

Like Soil, We Drift

Devin Kasparian, Ithaca College

Lumbar Bracing and the Effect on Lumbar Motion During a Golf Swing

Zach Thomas, Ithaca College
Emma DeLange, Ithaca College
Brianna Goz, Ithaca College
Noelle Carbone, Ithaca College

Mass Shootings in the Media: Framing of Perpetrators

Elizabeth Bierly, Ithaca College
Diana Castillo, Ithaca College

MCL Injury: Effects of Stability Devices on Agility

Erin Lenney, Ithaca College
Kendall Cirella, Ithaca College
Kristyn Alonzo, Ithaca College
Cori Ghidotti, Ithaca College

Mental Health in the LGBTQ+ Community of Mumbai: Access, Stigma, and Education

Carley Teachout, Ithaca College

Modelling History: Bringing Digital LiDAR Scans of Ferns Castle to life with Fused Deposition Modelling

Christina Cuzzi, Ithaca College

Morphometric Analyses of the Mantled Howler Monkey in Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica

Katherine Perdomo, Ithaca College
Ashley Stacey, Ithaca College

Navigating an Internationally Adopted Identity

Lauren Penfield, Ithaca College

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation in Combination with Traditional Dysphagia Therapy

Hailey Adler, Ithaca College
Kaylee Sommer, Ithaca College

Observing Planet-Formation in a Distant Galaxy

Alexander Massoud, Ithaca College

Perceptions of Competency For Health and Wellness Counselors: The Effect of Initial Impressions of Appearance

Brooke Hershfield, Ithaca College
Maia Rumsey, Ithaca College

Philippines and Puerto Rico: A Hidden Colonial History

Aisha Mae Mughal, Ithaca College

PICO Method: Melodic Intonation Therapy and Constraint-Induced Language Therapy

Seth Clayborn, Ithaca College

Receiver Configuration and Software Tools for the Ithaca College Radio Telescope

Kurt Burdick, Ithaca College

Representations of BDSM in Pop Culture

Celia Bostock, Ithaca College

Risk Stimuli Impacts the Foraging Behavior of Phodopus Sungorus

Kesly Souvenance, Ithaca College

Shekure Subverts Standards: Gender Trouble in Orhan Pamuk’s My Name is Red

Zina Parikh, Ithaca College

Supergirl: Fighting Villains and Obliterating the Gender Binary

Hannah De Oliveira, Ithaca College

Survivor, Victim, Worker, Whore: Understanding Controlling Narratives of Women in the Sex Industry

Clare Nowalk, Ithaca College

Sustainable Urban Interventions

Cameron Meier, Ithaca College

Teaching Third Graders About Gender Stereotypes (And What They Can Do To Counter Them) Through Media Literacy

Ellie Pomer, Ithaca College

Textile Recycling: The Problems and Possibilities of Throw-Away Culture

Anna Bornstein, Ithaca College

The (In)finite Jigsaw Puzzle

Dylan Campilango, Ithaca College

The Effect of Heel-to-Toe Drop on Loading Rate in Runners

Denise Ibarra, Ithaca College
Alexis Kindig, Ithaca College
Nate Watt, Ithaca College
Megan DiCostanzo, Ithaca College

The Effectiveness of The Ithaca College Junior Student Teaching Model

Julia Plato, Ithaca College
Margaret Chan, Ithaca College
Anna Lugbill, Ithaca College
Charlie Siegener, Ithaca College
Kathryn Andersen, Ithaca College

The Effects of Upper Extremity Immobilization on Gait

Rachel Raycraft, Ithaca College
Catlynn Frank, Ithaca College
Alex Fisher, Ithaca College
Amber Dyer, Ithaca College

The Ethics Behind In Vitro Generated Gametes

Jamie Meyers, Ithaca College

"The Money Was As Precious As Life"

Rachael Powles, Ithaca College

The Museums of Curaçao: Exploring the Underrepresentation of World War II in the Dutch Caribbean

Brittany Spoto, Ithaca College

The Paper Bag Princess: An Exploration of the Importance of Feminist Children’s Literature

Lucy Calderon, Ithaca College

The People of Costa Rica

Isabella Pizzo, Ithaca College

The Presence of Microplastics in the Tributaries of Cayuga Lake

Francesca Germano, Ithaca College

The Search for Novel Splicing Factors: Mapping Mutations in Temperature-Sensitive Yeast Mutants

Jelani Williams, Ithaca College

The Student Engagement Gender Gap: An Exploration of Gender Differences in Extracurricular Participation and Motivation in Higher Education

Rachel Cutsumpas, Ithaca College

The Trapping of Spherical Clusters in a Triangular Formation

Wyatt Vigilante, Ithaca College

The Wheel of Power: A Tabletop Water Wheel Generator

Brigid Long, Ithaca College

“To Bridget [...] Who We Love Just As She Is:” The Evolution of Self-Assurance from Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001) to Austenland (2013)

Eliana Berger, Ithaca College

Understanding the Border: Tools for approaching the complex issues of migration at the U.S.-Mexico Border

Meaghan McElroy, Ithaca College
Rebecca van der Muellen, Ithaca College
Tara Eng, Ithaca College
Sarah Horbacewicz, Ithaca College
Hudson Payer, Ithaca College
Julianne Grillo, Ithaca College
Jessica Competiello, Ithaca College
Devin Kasparian, Ithaca College
Gabrielle Picca, Ithaca College
Peter Champelli, Ithaca College

Using Body-Weight-Supported-Treadmill-Training for Improving Gait Kinematics in a Patient with a Chronic C5-C6 Motor-Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury: A Case Report

Jonathan Ripic, Ithaca College
Kaitlyn Sevilla, Ithaca College

Using Cinematic Material to Engage Music Students: A Discussion of Kevin McKee’s Music

Shaun Rimkunas, Ithaca College

Using mathematics to describe the factors influencing NBA players' salaries

Rachel King, Ithaca College

Variations and Strategies of Super Tic-Tac-Toe

Jamie Woodworth, Ithaca College

Velocity, Release and Attack Angle and Distance of an Ultimate Frisbee Disc

Andrew Polcari, Ithaca College

Visualizing in 3D: Generating a 3D Point Cloud From Laser Scan Data in a Web Browser

Samantha Weeks, Ithaca College

What does the world need to know about COP25? Reflections on the UN Climate Summit in Madrid, Spain.

Abigail Haley, Ithaca College

What to Expect When You're Expected: Uncovering the Role of Cultural Capital in College Success

Margaret Tippett, Ithaca College

When is Plastic Plastic?: Microplastic Confirmation Using Raman Mass

Bruce Franz Jr., Ithaca College

Women "Moulding Men": The Limits & Capabilities of Nature in the Poetry of Tennyson & Browning

Maya Greenberg, Ithaca College